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What Is A Good Pension Pot at 55?

So, you’re approaching that milestone age of 55 and starting to think about retirement?  At this age it’s common to start panicking about what is a good pension pot at 55 and what might happen after you leave the routine security of full-time work. Especially if you haven’t given much thought to it [...]

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Should I Consolidate My Pensions?

Have you accumulated multiple pension pots throughout your working life? Are you now thinking "Should I consoldiate my pensions?" Consolidating pensions can be a good way to get to grips with your retirement savings. On average people now have several different jobs in the course of their working life. So, it’s not uncommon [...]

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Flexi Access Drawdown Pension

What Is A Drawdown Pension? On 6 April 2015, the Government introduced major changes to people’s defined contribution (DC) private pensions. Once you reach the age of 55 years, you now have much more freedom to access your pension savings or pension pot and to decide what to do with this money – [...]

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Should You Be Cashing In Pensions At 55?

For most people unlocking or cashing in pensions at 55, in part or in full, is now possible. How you do this will depend on the type of scheme you have and how you want to take your benefits. Under pension freedoms, the rules allow anyone aged 55 and over to take the whole [...]

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